Running for 101st State Representative Kathy Wiejaczka | Kathy for Michigan
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Why I’m Running

Kathy Wiejaczka

for 101st State Representative

Kathy Wiejaczka running for state representative

My Dad was a WWII veteran and served on the front lines in Germany and France. He taught me the importance of faith, family, country, and responsibility for our fellow human beings. He was a union steward and strong Catholic, and many times while growing up I heard his words, “If someone needs your help, you help them.” I’ve been following his words ever since. I believe in putting people first.


Thirty-nine years ago I became a registered nurse and patient advocate. Every day I took care of patients who needed assistance towards health, security, and independence. I strived to find new ways to help these fellow members of my community. So I went on to explore a number of different specialty areas in nursing – from pediatrics, obstetrics, home care, and hospital supervisor to mental health nurse, special education school nurse, and nursing instructor. I used my passion and commitment to serve my patients and students, while working with people of many different backgrounds.


Looking at votes coming out of Lansing over the past several years, I have become increasingly concerned about my patients, my students, and my community. I have seen countless families worried about bankruptcy because of their medical bills or the skyrocketing cost of prescription medications. I’ve witnessed seen politicians putting the profits of greedy corporations before working families, students, and seniors. I’ve seen public schools struggling with funding that negatively affects their success. For these reasons, and many more, I have decided I need to advocate for my entire community, the 101st District, in Lansing. I want to fight for healthcare for all, a good education for all K-12 children, higher wages, better infrastructure, and a fair opportunity for our kids and families. I want to fight to protect our precious Great Lakes and our drinking water, which are crucial for our economy, recreation, and heritage as Michiganders.


I am so excited to be on the path to Lansing using my compassion and expertise to represent the values of this District, the will of the people. As I talk to voters throughout this District, I keep the following quote by Representative Cummings in mind: “I have my own definition of successful and that is lifting up the lives of ALL American people. In other words making their lives better.”


Now I am asking you to join me on this journey to give a voice for our community, a voice for the people, not for special interests groups who have influence over some politicians. I will be a voice of honesty, transparency, and ethical problem solving. I am asking you to help me succeed to represent this community’s needs in Lansing. Together we can live out our values and improve all of our lives in the process.