101st Lighthouse Series - Kathy for Michigan
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101st Lighthouse Series

Proudly announcing the 101st Lighthouse Series #1 by artist Kent Wiejaczka. This brand new series by Kathy’s husband beautifully captures lighthouses from each county in the 101st District. Our campaign wants to thank donors of $100 or more with a high quality, signed, fine art print of your choice.


These paintings acknowledge Michigan’s greatest natural resource…the water. Michigan’s 101st District is truly unique. All four counties in the district – Leelanau, Benzie, Manistee, and Mason – share the coastline of Lake Michigan. As the lighthouses are used for navigational purposes, their mere existence make a statement about our shared values of trust, safety, security, and responsibility. This Series was created with these principles in mind.


Donate below to receive a print of your choice! The original artwork will be on display at the Oliver Art Center in Frankfort through October 12.

Artwork & Dialogue by Kent Wiejaczka

Last Light

North Pierhead, Manistee County

A father holding his daughter’s hand, couples enjoying a walk along the pier and two young people contemplating their lives together while watching the distant sunset. We trust and have confidence that our basic needs can be met. We trust that our lakes and rivers will remain a viable resource. We trust that Pure Michigan is more than just a slogan. It requires safeguarding our land, water, and air quality.

Safe Harbor

North Breakwater Light, Mason County

In this painting the breakwater appears pencil thin yet it is able to withstand the relentless attack of crashing waves from Lake Michigan. Man made infrastructure has never ceased to amaze me. As a community we take responsibility to protect and collectively work together for the common well being of all.

The Guardian

Grand Traverse Lighthouse, Leelanau County

This painting is all about the flag. The question is who protects it? As I was sketching and taking photos, volunteer lighthouse keepers came out to take the flag down for the night. I engaged in a lengthy conversation with them. They were healthcare providers from the Detroit area. The volunteers talked about how they cared for their patients, unconditionally, no matter what was necessary. I had no idea for a title for this painting until I saw it finished. Teachers protect children from gunfire with their lives. A neighbor runs into a burning house to save a friend. Strangers band together to save a life. Our sons and daughters serve in our armed forces. We all answer the call of duty in some way. We are not a military society. We are not a police society. We are a caring society. We are all charged to protect the flag. We are all guardians to one belief….democracy.

Winter’s End

Point Betsie Lighthouse, Benzie County

The sky, looking like a big blank movie screen, is not giving any clues to the upcoming weather. Will it remain placid or is this the calm before the storm? Will winter return once again? The lighthouse with its warm lights in the windows represent the feelings of home;  a welcoming and safe place to be.

101st Lighthouse Series Poster

All Four 101st Lighthouses

16 inches x 20 inches poster