Working people will vote Wiejaczka - Kathy for Michigan
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Working people will vote Wiejaczka

Working people will vote Wiejaczka

Kathy Wiejaczka isn’t going to get everyone’s vote. Her funding comes from groups who believe working people deserve a better deal. People who care about coverage for pre-existing conditions will vote for Kathy. Working folks who missed out on the promised big raise will vote for her. Those who want to restore education funding will vote for Kathy.

Finally, all of those who are fed up with broken promises to fix our roads will support her.

Republicans have proven they can’t be trusted with healthcare, tax policy, education, the environment, infrastructure or gender equality. Hold them accountable. Vote for change.

Jeff Beamsley
8628 S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Township


Source: Leelanau Enterprise
September 27, 2018