Wiejaczka passionate, determined, capable - Kathy for Michigan
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Wiejaczka passionate, determined, capable

Wiejaczka passionate, determined, capable

I am writing to tell you why I am voting for Kathy Wiejaczka for State Representative for the 101st District. I have met Kathy several times and have heard her speak passionately about the issues.

Kathy has been a registered nurse for 39 years and an educator for many of those years. As she saw things deteriorate in Michigan she decided that, if no one else stepped up to bring about change, she would. And she did. She is not a career politician, just a person who is a concerned citizen and one who can get the job done.

As a nurse, Kathy is concerned about the lack of quality health care for all of our citizens, seeing the problems first-hand. There is inadequete health insurance and spiraling medical and prescription drug costs. Kathy wants to be part of fixing that.

As an educator, Kathy is worried about the state of public education as more and more money is drained away, much of it going to charter schools which do not have the same accountability as public schools. As a public school mental health nurse, she believes public schools and teachers are the bedrock of a strong society. All children deserve a quality education. We need to support them to secure our future.

Kathy supports investing in our infrastructure by sharing the tax burden with corporations that have not paid their fair share. She believes a vibrant economy is essential to Michigan. She and her husband, Kent, own a small construction business and she knows what it takes to grow a business and create job opportunities. She is one of us.

As a human being and citizen of this planet, Kathy is concerned about the environment. In Michigan, Line 5 is a disaster waiting to happen. Nestles, a huge corporation, is purchasing ground water for next to nothing. Next to its people, water is Michigan’s most precious resource. And while giving water away to a corporation, clean water is still not available to many of our citizens.

Kathy is a person of integrity, high energy and determination who is capable of getting the job done. Please join me in voting for Kathy Wiejaczka for the 101st.

Kitty Hagerman


Source: Ludington Daily News
October 4, 2018