Wiejaczka is principled, hard working, honest - Kathy for Michigan
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Wiejaczka is principled, hard working, honest

Wiejaczka is principled, hard working, honest

I support Kathy Wiejaczka for State Representative! Kathy has had a successful history as a nurse, educator and community member and she is sensitive to the needs of families and small business. She is committed to accessible healthcare, an advocate for strong families and will be a strong voice for responsible government. I appreciate her history of support for quality education and her belief in the importance of schools for students, families, and communities.

Kathy is principled, hard working and honest. I encourage those who want strong, ethical, accountable and non-partisan representation to join me in voting for Kathy.

Ty Wessell
Northport, MI


Source: Leelanau Enterprise
October 25, 2018