Wiejaczka is Compassionate Towards Less Fortunate - Kathy for Michigan
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Wiejaczka is Compassionate Towards Less Fortunate

Wiejaczka is Compassionate Towards Less Fortunate

Summer has hardly arrived, and we are already being exposed to the different passions of election year politics. By the time election day passes we will be exposed to hundreds of photos and comments by hopeful candidates.

My sympathies are with you. But do not forget that is how we do democracy, and it is our duty to participate with our votes.

It is here that I ask you to vote for a friend of ours, Kathy Wiejaczka. She is running for the 101st district House seat in Lansing. She lives in Empire and has worked much of her life with children with challenges. Most of her life has not been spent in politics but within the school setting.

She was a nurse at the Alternative Education School in Traverse City.

Kathy knows that many students struggle with learning disabilities, emotional problems and difficult family dynamics. These are not the students who receive college awards or who proudly enter the military. These students live in situations that include hunger, homelessness, and neglect or abuse. It is not pretty, but it is part of our community, and it does deserve compassion and government support. With that support their lives are still difficult, without it I suspect it would sink into chaos.

Kathy Wiejaczka has spent her life’s work trying to help these families. It is who she is!

Please join me in supporting Kathy. She knows there are many needs in communities and neighborhoods. She will support those needs in Lansing along with the many other issue facing this declining state.

Gene Lagerquist

Source: Manistee News Advocate
June 29th, 2018