Supporting Kathy: My perceptions may be influenced by my previous 34 years as a Republican - Kathy for Michigan
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Supporting Kathy: My perceptions may be influenced by my previous 34 years as a Republican

Supporting Kathy: My perceptions may be influenced by my previous 34 years as a Republican

Supporting 101st House seat candidate

I have recently met Kathy Wiejaczka. Ms. Wiejaczka is a Democratic candidate for the 101st District State House seat.

I had a chance to directly question (grill) her on several issues. Of the issues that concern me are healthcare reform, abortion, gun rights. teacher wages, pensions as well as school funding, and Michigan infrastructure.

Politically, my perceptions may be influenced by my previous 34 years as a Republican with a four-year period as undeclared.

This is what I found out.

I found Kathy as very personable and apparently very knowledgeable. She is high energy and appears quite reasoned.

When I engaged her on gun rights, she is clearly for an intelligent solution to reduce the loopholes that allow assault weapons and automatic weapons to fall into the hands of criminals or those who wish to commit mass casualties. She stated her husband is a hunter and has had several guns. So she is not about “repealing the 2nd amendment.” She is about restricting private gun sales without background checks. Common sense.

On Health Care, she is a proponent for “Single Payer” or “Medicare for all.” Ms. Wiejaczka has been a medical professional for most of her life and has had the perspective advantage as seeing health care at its best and worst. Though not a secret, the United States has the most expensive health care system but we are near bottom of almost every metric for outcomes across the industrialized world. There is a debate about which has greater efficiency between the private health insurers and medicare. The Left says one thing, the Right says the opposite. What is not debated is the huge savings in the billing offices of hospital, doctors offices and other health care professionals. A single payor system saves a tremendous amount of staffhours checking and coordinating benefits amongst the hundreds of insurers. How many of us have found ourselves in situations where we and our health provider were at odds about what was covered or how much our bill was? Those problems nearly vanish, as does most of Medicaid.

I am a practicing Catholic and I have found that Ms. Wiejaczka is as well. As she made clear to me, she is not proabortion, but does concede the Supreme Court has decided this case and thus supports a women’s rights. As I understood her, she is personally pro-life in a more literal way, that is she is also against the death penalty and ultimately against, as most of us are, war.

Ms. Wiejaczka supports a major increase in teachers’ pay and at the least, a restoration of pensions.

As to infrastructure, I understand that Ms. Wiejaczka’s view is that it is less costly to fix a little problem than to fix it later after it has become big problem. Sometimes monies need to be dedicated to fixing our roads and bridges, water ways, pipes, etc. before something like “Flint” happens again.

I have decided to support Kathy Wiejaczka.

I encourage any who have reservations about voting for a Democrat or has doubts, to speak with her as she frequently travels to Mason County.

Vincent Kennedy

Source: Ludington Daily News
June 6, 2018