Outside money influencing voters - Kathy for Michigan
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Outside money influencing voters

Outside money influencing voters

After reading V.M. Gutowski’s letter to the editor in the October 4 Enterprise, I did some fact checking by reviewing all contributions of $100 or more as reported to the Secretary of State by the two candidates running for our state house seat.

As of September 28, Jack O’Malley reported receiving $7,250 from 31 addresses inside the 101st Legislative District and $46,200 from 74 addresses outside the district. As of the same date, Kathy Wiejazka reported receiving $36,725 from 123 addresses inside the 101st Legislative District and $14,300 from 32 addresses outside the district.

As a percentage of all contributions of $100 or more, Jack O’Malley received 13.5% of his from inside the 101st District and Kathy Wiejaczka received 72.3% of hers from inside the district.

Which potential legislator is more likely to look after those of us who actually reside in Leelanau, Benzie, Manistee and Mason counties?

Jay S. Johnson
Jonathon Ct.


Source: Leelanau Enterprise
October 11, 2018