Nurse would be better in House - Kathy for Michigan
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Nurse would be better in House

Nurse would be better in House

Two candidates, one seat. Jack O’Malley’s 34 year resume includes being an interviewer of various people and promoter of charitable causes.

Kathy Wiejaczka is a co-owner of a small business and for 39 years a registered nurse, patient advocate and educator. Instead of just listening to people’s stories from a comfortable chair, Kathy has seen first hand the devastation in families from skyrocketing medical bills and prescription costs.

If I wanted charity I’d know who to vote for, but I don’t. I want solutions. Kathy Wiejaczka has the drive, determination and passion to improve our lives in the 101st District.

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Traverse City


Source: Leelanau Enterprise
September 27, 2018