Kathy courageous, caring - Kathy for Michigan
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Kathy courageous, caring

Kathy courageous, caring

I’ve known Kathy Wiejaczka for over 30 years. I’m amazed at her dedication to putting people first. Kathy is one of the most courageous and caring individuals I have met.

Kathy is a fierce advocate for those she has cared for during her 39-year nursing career. She is no stranger to difficult situations, works with others, and welcomes all ideas when discussing our most important issues.

Kathy will work tirelessly for the 101st with an open heart and mind. I’m proud to call her one of my closest friends and will be honored to call her my State Representative.

Dori Creighton
S. Fritz Road
Maple City


Source: Leelanau Enterprise
October 4, 2018