Kathy Jumps into the mix | Kathy for Michigan
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Kathy Jumps into the mix

Kathy Jumps into the mix

First 101st Candidate Jumps Into The Mix

Kathy WIEJACZKA, a registered nurse and educator, announced today she is running as a Democrat for the 101st House District seat being vacated by VanderWall.

Wiejaczka is a 36-year resident of Empire Township, who has raised three children and supports her husband as part of their family-owned construction company. She said she didn’t know VanderWall was going to announce for the Senate today and actually had decided to run for the House back in January.

Asked tongue-in-cheek if she chased VanderWall out of the race, she chuckled, “I am a pretty tough competitor. I really care about people. In fact, that’s my campaign slogan, ‘People first for the 101st.’ I’m not in the pockets of anybody. My vote will not be bought.”

The 101st House District is a politically competitive district. Target Insyght has the district as having roughly a 54 percent Republican base number.