Candidate’s background speaks of service - Kathy for Michigan
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Candidate’s background speaks of service

Candidate’s background speaks of service

Kathy Wiejaczka and I have known each other for a relatively short time but I have nevertheless been increasingly impressed by her knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to place herself in the cross-hairs as a candidate running for office in today’s political climate. I’ve come to recognize her qualities of sincerity, positivity, and compassion, her capability to be an active listener and learner, and her approachability, all characteristics sorely lacking in our incumbent. Every area of her background speaks to her core strengths and beliefs: service to people and their wellbeing. For the last several years our state government has been more focused on balance sheets than on the people they were elected to serve. But Kathy promises to put people first, and that ensures a focus beyond ideological agendas and special interests.

I am voting for Kathy Wiejaczka for State Representative in Michigan’s 101st District and invite you to support her as well. Visit (her website) to learn more.

Jan Bauer
PO Box 569
Glen Arbor

Source: The Leelanau Enterprise