Candidate brings moral compass - Kathy for Michigan
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Candidate brings moral compass

Candidate brings moral compass

To the editor:

As independent voters who seek to obtain truthful, in-depth information about candidates who will best represent us, we are pleased the Kathy Wiejaczka is our 101st District candidate. Having known and worked with Kathy, she impresses with her intelligence, work ethic and her exemplary moral compass.

A grave injustice has been perpetrated against Kathy by the Republican Party of Michigan: Erroneous websites and slanderous postcards and now ugly television ads spouting the same lies. Shame on them stooping so low.

Kathy is by far the most capable candidate. She will do the hard work.

Her website: www.KATHY101ST. com.

Al and Mary Beth Rollins
P.O. Box 892

Source: Leelanau Enterprise
October 4, 2018