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for State Representative


Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about our campaign. I am very excited to be running as a Democrat for State Representative. I believe when we work together, brave new ideas can lead to change. I look forward to putting the people first and advocating for the common good in Lansing.


Thank you,

Kathy Wiejaczka signature

Kathy Wiejaczka (Wy-jes-ka)

Kathy Wiejaczka for the 101st District State Michigan


People First for the 101st


Integrity is practiced. Kathy Wiejaczka is currently running for the 101st state House seat. When I worked for TBA, Kathy was recognized for her caring and competency as a nurse.


One day while driving Seventh Street, unbeknownst to me, Kathy was driving in front of me. Suddenly Kathy brakes and runs to an unattended SUV. The car slipped into gear and was slowly driving toward the playground; Kathy stopped the car, thus averting a catastrophe.


Voters have an opportunity to elect a selfless brave individual or a “puff piece” TV personality. Integrity is practiced not preached.


—Sandy S. Bodjack (Traverse City)

I’ve known Kathy for more than 15 years; she has integrity and personal values with experience in health care, education, working with families and teams. Kathy will protect northern Michigan’s water, land and air. She believes Michigan residents need affordable options to meet physical and mental health needs.


—Elizabeth Footh (Lake Ann)

Our family recently received a postcard filled with fear and falsehoods concerning Kathy Wiejaczka. As a registered nurse for 40 years, she has always put her charges AND their suffering families first. To associate Kathy with the false argument of “death panels” is nothing more than campaign lies. Please, vote for common decency this November.


—Dana Getsinger (S West Bay Shore, Traverse City)

I’m impressed when I listen to Kathy speak on healthcare issues. Kathy has been involved in healthcare for 39 years as a registered nurse in several kinds of practices, including pediatrics, obstetrics, special education school nurse, hospital supervisor, nursing instructor and mental health nurse. If there is anyone that can understand how healthcare works in this state it is Kathy. Please give Kathy your vote in November. I know I am.


—Jeanne Strathman (Honor)